Hot springs



The main thermal area is “Piazza Bagni del Gurgitiello”, where the most ancient thermal establishments work, which exploit the famous basin of the Gurgitiello.

The whole territory of Casamicciola Terme is rich in thermal springs which have a strong therapeutic virtues and, because of them, several hotels have been built there.

Main vulcanic springs

1 – Cava Fasaniello ( Cava Bubù ), the top side is 900 meters to the South-East of  Piazza Bagni.
Here there are fumaroles with a top of 87.5°C.

2 – Cava Fasaniello, the bottom side is 750 meters to the South-East of  Piazza Bagni. Close to the winding brook of Cava Fasaniello, through the clayey tuff, strong whistling fumaroles are there (89°C). If in the bed there is water, gas bubbles make a noise like drums. So native people named these fumaroles “Bubù” or “Drums”. At the present time, due to a landslide, the area is partially covered.

3 – Montecito ( Cava delle fumarole ). Montecito fumaroles ( southwest area of Majo ) are in a sharp bent gorge created by the deposit of stratum from Mount Epomeo. Due to the presence of H2S (Hydrogen sulfide)  the rock is altered in clay. Crystalline sulfur come out from splits in the rock,  and sulfate and the opal can frequently be observed. The temperature is 101°C.

4 – Monte di Mezzo. Several fumaroles on the east side of the “Caduto landslide” or “Crateca”at 250-275 meters with a temperature from 54° to 71°C.

5 – Above Monte di Mezzo. From the middle to the top of Monte di Mezzo (330 – 400 meters ) there are both single and groups of fumaroles. The upper ones have H2S too. Temperature is from 83° to 102°C.

6 – Casa Verde. Fango side, in the “Cava Pedrone” canal, between 225 – 240 meters, there are H2S fumaroles. The rock is very similar to the Montecito one. The temperature is 83° – 99°C.

7 – Below Villa Parodi. At the border of Villa Parodi with the Hotel Bristol weak fumaroles come out from the splitters. The temperature is close to 50°C.

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